Namibia accommodation

Namibia Self-Catering Facilities

Nestled in the beautiful Omaheke region of Namibia, this Namibia self-catering establishment offers the ideal stop-over for Trans Kalahari Highway-travellers on their way from Botswana and South Africa to Namibia or visa versa.

Find a map and directions to East Gate Rest Camp. Our facilities proof to fulfill all the needs of our visitors...

Service Station

Make sure to fuel up at East Gate. We are conveniently located at the Buitepos border post between Namibia and Botswana.

We have Unleaded Petrol, Diesel and 50ppm Diesel available.

Accommodation Facilities

We have different types of bungalows as well as cabins available.

Get detailed information, rates and prices on the Accommodation-page on our site.

See Namibia self-catering accommodation  and book your place at East Gate.


Buy fresh produce and basic groceries, a selection of wine, malt and light alcoholic beverages in our shop. We also have ice available.

Take notice that we do exchange smaller amounts of Pula, Rand, US dollar, Euro, British Pound and Namibian Dollars for visitors.

Maps and brochures on Namibia travel- and tourist destinations are available.

Conference Facilities

East Gate offers you and your group a complete year-round facility for retreats, conferences, meetings and just about any occasion.

Internet facilities are available. Contact us here to make a reservation.

Coffee Shop & Restaurant

Sit and relax whilst having a well-prepared meal to refresh your body and mind.

We serve you Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner from a mini a la carte menu.

We also prepare for you lunchpacks, take-aways or picnic-baskets for the next leg of your journey.

Make sure to request these when you book your accommodation at East Gate.

Swimming Pool

During Namibia's summer months, there is no better way to relax and cool down in the hot climate, than to take a swim.

Our guests enjoy this additional amenity. Note that the swimming pool is available for guests only.

Camping Facilities

We have camping sites available at either East Gate Rest Camp or at our 'Bush Camp'.

The sites are equipped with ablution facilities, electricity (only electric lights at the Bush Camp) and barbecue pits and grills.

Book your camping site at this link.

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