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East Gate Namibia

East Gate Namibia provides all the facilities you may need at the Buitepos borderpost on the Trans Kalahari Highway which connects Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.

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East Gate Reservations

East Gate Reservations: Book your accommodation at East Gate Namibia online.

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Buitepos Accommodation

Buitepos accommodation: use the wide variety of East Gate Namibia's facilities to stop-over on your Trans Kalahari highway travel.

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Namibia Self-catering Accommodation

At East Gate you will find our unique and well-equipped Namibia self-catering facilities.The perfect stop-over for travellers on the Trans Kalahari Highway from Namibia to Botswana.

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Namibia Travel Info

Get Namibia Travel info in a nutshell. Read more about its geographic location, reasons to visit our country and more.

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